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NATO Caught ‘Surprised’ By #Russia ’s Move Into Syria – Defense One

I am not surprised that NATO was surprised,  After all, Obama scoffed at Romney when he called Russia our biggest threat.  And Obama is the only expert on everything in the government. Now what is he going to do?  He came out this week and said, again, that Assad must go.  He painted the red …

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US-Israeli-Egyptian mobile sensor-fence projects to block further #ISIS Mid East expansion

A US mobile surveillance sensor tower This is not a good sign.  Not that the Americans are doing this but that it is being done at all. Is ISIS replacing the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa?  If so, Egypt will be mired in civil war and will probably have its borders redrawn.  The area formerly known …

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Kings Salman & Abdullah Plan to Redraw the Mid East Map to Contain and Shrink #ISIS

Via DEBKA Weekly.  Do you want to bet that Obama will torpedo the deal? The Greater Sunni Kingdom of Jordan For the first time in decades, the centuries-old royal banner of the Hashemite House of Jordan was unfurled in a quiet, history-loaded ceremony in the Jordanian capital of Amman on June 9. It was presented …

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Saudi air chief killed in #Scud attack. We must adapt this new foreign policy NOW. #ISIS

A few unanswered questions: 1) Where did the Houthis get the Scuds and the know-how to accurately target them? 2) Who supplied the intelligence that the Saudi air chief would be at the base? 3) Why was there only one or two Patriot batteries protecting the air base?  It was obvious that 15 incoming missiles …

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Two major Mid East escalations: #isis #yemen #scud

Two major Mid East escalations: Yemeni rebels fire Scuds at Saudi air base. ISIS warns Syrian rebels DEBKAfile Special Report June 6, 2015, 1:12 PM (IDT) : Middle East war buildup,   via Two major Mid East escalations: Yemeni rebels fire Scuds at Saudi air base. ISIS warns Syrian rebels.

Exclusive: #ISIS columns heading from Syria toward Jordan, first targeting the border crossing

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – ISIS – was on the move Sunday, May 24, from central Syria to the Jordanian border, debkafile’s exclusive military sources report. They were advancing from the central town of Palmyra, which they seized last week, in columns of US-made tanks and armored cars taken booty in …

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#ISIS Grabs Oil, Land & Cash-They Cash in on Natural Resources in Looted Lands, Can Afford a Nuclear Bomb

Please read this very detailed analysis on the state of affairs in Syria and Iraq. The ISIS control of southern Syria and Anbar, as well as the neutralization of Lebanon puts them right on Israel’s borders.  They will be able to mass forces on the south Lebanon border and along the Golan Heights.  They will …

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#Jordan moves forces away from Israeli border – IHS Jane’s 360

Jordan beefs up its border with Iraq and Lebanon.  Iran moves ships to the Gulf of Aden.  One errant shot and the Middle Ease could go up in flames. This via Jane’s 360   Jordan moves forces away from Israeli border Yaakov Lappin, Tel Aviv – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly 02 April 2015 Jordan has …

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Iraqi Christians find safe haven in Jordan’s churches – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Hat tip to AI-Monitor. Jordan comes through again.  How soon before Obama throws King Abdullah under the bus?  Remember that Jordan is on the way to Israel. Israel and the US might be the only true safe haven for these Christian refugees.  No doubt they will not be accepted by Obama since they don’t speak Spanish. …

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Iran’s Design on Anbar, Jordan, Egypt, Israel – DEBKA

Gen. Vincent Stewart, director of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, laid the picture out fair and square in his annual review of national security threats to the US House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 3. Islamic State has steadily extended its reach despite near-daily bombing of its forces, he reported. “More than two dozen …

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