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I thought Collins speech was very good. Brava. Time for a Tea Party

It looks like Kavanaugh has the votes. The crazies will be out in force, screeching “shame, shame”. Of course they will think that because they are protesting they will prevail. They fail to understand that in our country voting is what counts and that screeching “shame” doesn’t elect anyone. The Tea Party learned this and …

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Thank you Harry Reid

for making it possible to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. What goes around comes around.

It is time for the Tea Parties to rise again and counter the anti Kavanaugh demonstrations and GOTV.

Big anti Kavanagh demonstrations are planned for this weekend. We must get out and show them that they are not the only voices in America. It doesn’t matter if you are outnumbered. Put on your hard hats and wear some padding and wait for them to assault you. Make sure you have someone (or more …

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The Left’s Treatment Of Kavanaugh Fills Me, And Millions Of Americans, With Rage (The Federalist)

Not my writing, but it could be. I mirrors my feelings completely. It is overtime for a resurrection of the Tea Party. This is from the Federalist.By George S. Bardmesser October 2, 2018 Four years before Brett Kavanaugh was writing in his calendar in the summer of 1982, my family immigrated to this country. Before …

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NO MORE MR. WHITE GUY. Kavanaugh votes not valid

So true. White guys don’t belong in the Senate especially when they are judging Kavanaugh. Hear that Blumenthal, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse, Coons. Why are you on this committee? Let’s have more like Spartacus. From Ann Coulter NO MORE MR. WHITE GUY September 26, 2018 “They know the optics of 11 white men questioning Dr. Ford …

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New Kavanaugh allegation

I have on good authority that Brett Kavanaugh wrote a sexist essay when in the sixth grade. I can’t find the document but one of his female classmates wrote me an anonymous letter about it. I must believe otherwise I am an evil person.

The left is already ginning up their next attack on Kavanaugh because there is no evidence of sexual misdeeds

The talking points are now his temperament. Apparently, Kavanaugh is not allowed to be indignant about the worst character assassination ever to hit a SCOTUS nominee. I’m sure the op research industry is already digging up dirt on all the people on Trump’s short list. It would be just like him to pick someone not …

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Latest on Kavanaugh: He had to

stand in the corner when he was in sixth grade. This shows a patter of evil behavior.

FBI Investigation will delay Kavanaugh for much longer than a week

Kavanaugh is screwed. So are we. Yes, the actual FBI interviews will take a week. Then they will issue a report. The Senate Democrats will want to interview each of the witnesses. Then they will want a public hearing. Some of the witnesses will refuse the invitation so they will be served with subpoenas. They …

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