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ISIS in Iraq: A shadow of its former self – Can this be really true? #ISIS #Iraq

  I think there is a bit of truth to this, although the shadow may still be enough to dominate the territory.  This doesn’t mean that ISIS is being defeated.  They are strong in Syria and are a major presence in Libya and Afghanistan. ISIS in Iraq: A shadow of its former self By Rudaw …

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#ISIS Uses Mustard Gas Against Kurds While Obama Fiddles on Martha’s Vinyard

The Wall Street Journal and other news publications are reporting that ISIS is using mustard gas against the Peshmerga. Apparently it was either seized from Assad (who, of course destroyed it all) or rom a Saddam Hussein stash (which, of course, he didn’t have). In either case, where is the Red Line? Is Obama really …

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#ISIS posts a new forward command group to Egyptian Sinai – at Israel’s back door

For some time I have been warning about ISIS threat to Israel.  I believe they want to come through two front doors (Lebanon and Jordan).  This will happen after they have consolidated their position in Syria and Iraq.  The borders are more or less fixed along the northern front (Kurdistan) and eastern front (Shia territory).  …

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Ominous – #Iraq: Islamic State leaves behind fear and humiliation in Kurdish settlement

Iraq: Islamic State leaves behind fear and humiliation in Kurdish settlement Dispatch: Ruth Sherlock reports from Mahmour, a mixed Kurdish settlement west of Erbil, which jihadists fled from after US air strikes Kurdish peshmerga forces guard newly recaptured Mahmour, fearing the return of the Islamic State. Photo: Ruth Sherlock/The Telegraph By Ruth Sherlock, Mahmour 1:25PM …

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Life Under #ISIS in Mosul #Iraq

Thanks to the Institute for the Study of War This is not good news.  I fear that of non-Shia Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan, and Jordan will follow.  Then…on to Israel. George Life Under ISIS in Mosul by Jenna Lefler Introduction: Over a month has passed since ISIS launched an operation that resulted in its seizure …

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GENEVA: U.N.: Islamic State executed imam of mosque where Baghdadi preached | Iraq | McClatchy DC

The “religion” of peace strikes again.  This is how a small band of terrorists can control many people.  It works the same as what happened in the Russian Revolution and the rise of Hitler.  They kill the opposition, and terrorize the rest into silence or compliance.  Oh, by the way, this was how Saddam Hussein did …

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