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Jul 10

US-Israeli-Egyptian mobile sensor-fence projects to block further #ISIS Mid East expansion

A US mobile surveillance sensor tower This is not a good sign.  Not that the Americans are doing this but that it is being done at all. Is ISIS replacing the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa?  If so, Egypt will be mired in civil war and will probably have its borders redrawn.  The area formerly known …

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Jun 02

Islamic State likely to become Libya’s dominant armed group, enabling it to threaten North African energy assets #isis

Islamic State likely to become Libya’s dominant armed group, enabling it to threaten North African energy assets Watch your energy prices going up again.  Obama does nothing to help protect the world’s energy supply and our economy. This is from IHS Jane’s…a highly credible source. Richard Cochrane – IHS Jane’s Intelligence Weekly 28 May 2015 …

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Feb 05

#ISIS forces capture big Libyan oil field

Once again the “Commander in Chief” ignores the fact on the ground.  How soon will it be that the revenue from these oil fields fuel the coffers of ISIS?  How soon will it be that the “caliphate” incorporates what used to be Libya, Sinai, and southern Egypt? Oil prices are already going up because of …

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Jan 22

#Yemen president resigns under pressure from rebels

This is the latest in a long string of failed states that has occurred under Obama’s watch. Yemen Tunisia Libya Egypt  (in the south) Syria Iraq Ukraine (in the east) Afghanistan (soon) Is Obama totally responsible?  No. Could he have prevented it?  (Perhaps) Could he have prevented Islamist control?  Absolutely. Are we safer?  Are you …

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Dec 10

#ISIS posts a new forward command group to Egyptian Sinai – at Israel’s back door

For some time I have been warning about ISIS threat to Israel.  I believe they want to come through two front doors (Lebanon and Jordan).  This will happen after they have consolidated their position in Syria and Iraq.  The borders are more or less fixed along the northern front (Kurdistan) and eastern front (Shia territory).  …

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Dec 03

After joining #IS, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis expands in Egypt – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Egypt is one of my favorite places to visit.  I have found the people in Cairo and other places friendly and kind.  I don’t feel that I have been ripped off by tourist traps, although I do know that I overpaid for some things. I admit that I haven’t been to places that would be …

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Dec 01

10 major takeaways from the House #Benghazi report that the media is completely ignoring

10 major takeaways from the House Benghazi report that the media is completely ignoring Taken from Trevor Loudon’s NewZeal Blog.  But many thanks to The Blaze, which published the original article.  Glenn Beck strikes again. This report put primary blame on the State Department.  Not good for Hilary’s campaign.  Conservatives should keep this article as …

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Jun 12

10 Dangers in the #Iraq Crisis

If there was ever a reason why we should not engage in nation building, this is it.  The process failed in Vietnam, it failed in Afghanistan twice (USSR and USA), and it failed in Iraq.  I have always contended that these “artificial” states created in the Middle East after WW I were doomed to revert …

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May 28

Obama’s Foreign Policy Speech Was Appeasement BS

What a joke!  Except that its not funny. Obama will not act unless someone else is there with us.  Now…if that someone asks for our help, and it is not in our interest to do so, will we act?  I suspect that Obama will.  What he did in Libya is a case in point. Obama …

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