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#ISIS: Junior Varsity’s Five-Year Plan for a Caliphate | Western Free Press

ISIS Releases Map of Domination: Obama’s ‘Junior Varsity’s’ Five-Year Plan for a Caliphate WFP News | September 25 2014 0 Comments By Susan Whitson Bagley While the Administration plays-with-words for our intentions with Iraq and Syria, Americans and our allies have been killed by radical Islamic supporters which behead innocents to send a message of …

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Obama Is Sidetracked from #ISIS by Promoting His Alliance with #Iran in #Iraq

Hat tip to DEBKA Weekly.  This outfit sometimes gets it wrong but they also get it right a lot.  This one seems to be pretty credible.  Bottom line…Obama is in bed with Iran, allows ISIS to exist in Mesopotamia, throws the Kurds and NATO under the bus.  Not good. George The US Versus ISIS? Obama …

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This is really happening. Should bother EVERYONE! @atomiktiger #ISIS #isis beheadings #iraq http://t.co/dDtpn4yGew

https://twitter.com/politstrip/status/499263071970689024/photo/ As many of my readers know, Foley was not the first to be tortured and killed by ISIS.  They have been doing it in the former Syria and the former Iraq.  There is no solution to this problem except killing every single one of them.  We can start by bombing them into the stone …

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Carpet bombing and MOAB’s – What a Great Combination for #ISIS

Via CDR Salamander This essay describes with greater authority than I have what I have been saying about IS containment.  The only thing that I would add is that we need to put a land, sea, and air blockade around IS territory to prevent operatives from leaving. Note:  MOAB stands for “Mother of All Bombs”…the …

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Jordanian air force bombs Al Qaeda-Iraq incursion. ISIS also stands at Saudi border. Kerry’s snags in Iraq

Via the DEBKAFile. Be afraid…if they are successful invading Saudi Ariabia they control both Iraqi and Arabian Oil.  This would cause a severe global economic disruption. George The Jordanian air force hit ISIS contingents, Monday night, June 23, as they drove into into the kingdom through the Turaibil border crossing which they seized Saturday, debkafile’s …

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The New Map of the Middle East – Defense One #IRAQ

This map, created in 2008 was remarkable prescient.  The accompanying article follows.   So as I was saying…. First, a bit of housekeeping. I’m back at The Atlantic full-time. I’m going to be working mainly on stories for the magazine (I’m thinking of writing something on the case for reparations, for instance), but I’ll be …

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