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Apr 22

#Islamist Sermon At Dar Al-Hijra Islamic Center In Falls Church, VA: ‘There Is A Difference Between Bani Israel… And Current Jewish Community’; ‘We Are Dealing With Manipulation’; Muslims Must Understand That ‘The Children Of Israel’ Killed Prophets – They ‘Take Pride’ In Their ‘Zealotry… Their History Is Like That’

This mosque, to which al -alwaki belonged, continues to preach hate.  It continues to foment islamists terrorism in America.How many converts to ISIS are in the congregation?  How many future “lone wolves” are being indoctrinated? Why isn’t the Southern Poverty Law Center targeting this public hate speech? Are they complicit?  Are they in collusion with …

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Apr 20

#ISIS Opens Its Next Front in Sinai and Gulf of Aqaba

Now it is time for Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to get into the mix.  This place is so isolated that carpet bombing and MOABs would be a good choice.  Let their ground troops do the mop up. George From DEBKA weekly7\ In expectation of an imminent US-led offensive to take Raqqa, the Islamic State …

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Mar 25

ISIS U-Turns West to Lebanon as Next Target #ISIS #Israel #Lebanon

This can’t be good for peace in the Middle East.  I was somewhat OK as long as the jihadists and other muslims were fighting themselves.  But if Israel gets mixed up in this it may unify the muslim world to engage in a crusade against the Jewish state.  We must get the ISIS leadership before …

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Mar 15

America’s Way Ahead in Syria #ISIS from Institute for Study of War

This solution smacks a bit of nation building, but it may be the only way out of this quagmire.  I still contend that Syria is not a real country.  Rather it is a bunch of tribal fiefdoms that was once held together by a strong man.  It needs to revert to a tribal state but …

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Sep 09

North Korea claims ballistic capability after fifth – and largest – nuclear test – Hot Air Hot Air

 Now what will Obama do?  NOTHING. What would I do?  Arrange for a mysterious explosion, roughly the size of a MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) to destroy their nuclear facilities and ICBM facilities.  This could easily be done by a B-2 and plausibly denied.  In addition, I would send an Aegis cruiser off the coast …

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Sep 06

Obama Dissed Again – Iranian Boats Harass Another U.S. Navy Patrol Coastal Ship #Firebolt

In the past week” China dissed Obama. Philippines dissed Obama. Korea dissed the US. Now Iran does it again. This was more than just harassment.  It was intended to show that the US has no balls.  The USS Firebold is a well armed vessel with enough firepower to blow those Iranian boats out of the …

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Aug 24

Be Afraid: Platform of Movement for Black Lives, recently endorsed by Dem Socialists of America

Black Lives Demands Here is the platform of the Movement for Black Lives. It has been endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America.  Among other things, it calls for reparations, extreme redistribution of wealth to black people, virtual elimination of our military, gutting our police forces, and having black oriented education.  It calls Israel a terrorist stated …

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Aug 16

Robert Spencer: Muslims videoing in Ohio church “suspicious in the extreme”

We should return this favor.  Let’s start video recordings of sermons in local mosques?  We can use it as evidence for the creating of a modern crusade.  Now is the time to start action.  No violence…just collection of evidence.  Our crusade must start with destroying muslim propaganda and education the public on what is really …

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Aug 05

Facebook blocks Michael Savage for posting news on Muslim migrant crime

Now, I’m not a big Michael Savage fan but he should have the same right as eeryone else to report the truth.  Facebook is a private operation and they have the right to block him.  But they also purport to be neutral in things like this and they are anything but.  I have posted some …

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Aug 04

Obama will bypass Congress, seek U.N. resolution on nuclear testing – The Washington Post

He will no doubt lecture us on how democracy works as he again bypasses the will of the constituent states and their people.  I am surprised he didn’t use the same strategy with the Iran deal…pass a “binding” UN resolution which is not subject to Senate ratification. Future administrations should feel under no obligation to …

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