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Jul 10

Muslim Prayer Rug Found on Arizona Border By Independendent American Security Contractors

I told you about the deception on the border.  While the children attract all the attention, the really bad guys cross at other parts of the border.  If there is any reason why we need better border security this is it.  And Obama says the border is more secure than ever.  Another lie! This is …

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Jul 08

GENEVA: U.N.: Islamic State executed imam of mosque where Baghdadi preached | Iraq | McClatchy DC

The “religion” of peace strikes again.  This is how a small band of terrorists can control many people.  It works the same as what happened in the Russian Revolution and the rise of Hitler.  They kill the opposition, and terrorize the rest into silence or compliance.  Oh, by the way, this was how Saddam Hussein did …

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Jul 03

A US Air/Missile Strike May Await Iraq – and Syria

From DEBKA Weekly.  They are frequently right, sometimes wrong.  I fear that any air strikes Obama does will do nothing but stir up a hornet’s nest.  He needs to identify our national interest, sell it to the public, and then strike.  There is no need for speed now since we are not in imminent danger. …

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Jun 30

How to Lose Friends and Alienate Allies

From Foreign Policy The Obama administration has achieved a landmark heretofore considered impossible: they are making America’s allies homesick for the administration of George W. Bush. This week, news broke that Poland’s foreign minister was caught on tape earlier this year disparaging the United States. Radek Sikorski bitterly said Warsaw’s ties to Washington were “worthless,” …

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May 29

US Commandos Training Africa Counterterror Teams

How many terrorists are we training?  These might seem to be the good guys now but where will they end up?  In a new army after a coup?  As part of a war lord’s militia?  As part of one of the al Qaeda affiliate militias? When I was in OCS we had a number of …

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May 28

Obama’s Foreign Policy Speech Was Appeasement BS

What a joke!  Except that its not funny. Obama will not act unless someone else is there with us.  Now…if that someone asks for our help, and it is not in our interest to do so, will we act?  I suspect that Obama will.  What he did in Libya is a case in point. Obama …

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May 09

Boots on the Ground: US Forces Are in Nigeria to Aid Search for Kidnapped Girls

Now, boots on the ground.  Do we really have a critical national interest in Nigeria?  Do we have an interest in defeating Boko Haram?  If the answer to either is “Yes” this is not sufficient to do anything.  If the answer is “No” why are they there?  This is typical Obama dithering. We should really …

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May 07

What is Our National Interest in Nigeria?

Defeating militant Islam?  This may be in our long-term interest, but not short-term.  If this is our goal we had better have a much more robust and coherent strategy than we have thus far demonstrated. Nigerian oil?  Do we need to protect their oil fields?  If so, we aren’t doing it.  They are our competitors. Humanitarian? …

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Apr 23

RAF Jet Chases Russian Planes Away From UK

Two Russian bombers which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter. The aircraft, believed to be Tupolev 95s, were spotted off the coast of northeast Scotland. They were turned away from Britain when an RAF Typhoon was scrambled from Leuchars airbase, near Dundee. Crews stationed there are on …

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