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NEW JERSEY Muslims feel #Christie betrayed them by endorsing #Trump

The big story here is that New Jersey Muslims, represented by CAIR, thought Christie was their friend.  Remember that CAIR is a front of the Muslim Brotherhood.   Why did they think this?  Was it something Christie promised, or was it his appointment of muslim judges?  Perhaps he promised to follow Sharia in muslim areas of …

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Christie Endorses @realdonaldTrump… no conservatives here

The Christie endorsement of Trump should come as no surprise.  Two  people with strong man dispositions are now allied. To my New Jersey friends:  Christie and Trump are birds of a feather.  If you didn’t like Christie you shouldn’t be so enthusiastic about Trump.  If you supported Lonegan you know that Cruz is a much …

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NJ State hearings on Common Core – PLEASE HELP!

Two hearings remain, Feb. 22 and March 8! Last Wednesday, the State Board of Education held a hearing in Trenton on proposed regulations relating to Common Core and PARCC. These regulations come in response to the report by Governor Christie’s hand picked Commission, that was formed in July of 2014 in response to a bill …

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Islamic Terrorist Sanctuary Cities In The United States: Paterson, NJ (14 of 18)

Current City Demographics: Of the estimated 146,753 current residents of Paterson, New Jersey, according to Mayor Jose Torres, 52 distinct ethnic groups are hyphenated Americans. They include: Puerto Rican-Americans, Bangladeshi-Americans, Turkish-Americans, Arab-Americans, Palestinian-Americans, Albanian-Americans, Dominican-Americans, and Peruvian-Americans. Paterson, New Jersey has the second-largest Muslim population in the United States of America. The Muslim population is …

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State Education Board Says It Will Largely Continue Common Core Standards | New Brunswick Today

Christie pulled out of Common Core but left the ultra-progressive State Education Board intact.  So the continue the Ultra-progressive agenda intact.  Plus Christie did not pull out of the PARC testing, which is based on the Common Core curriculum. New Jersey is big enough to set its own standards and use its own testing.  As …

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NJ Ranks in Bottom Five for Growth in State GDP, Say New Federal Figures – NJ Spotlight

NJ Ranks in Bottom Five for Growth in State GDP, Say New Federal Figures Are you kidding me?  0.4% ANNU;AL growth and some are saying it is good?  Give me a break!  This is awful. Now…what do we do about it? It is clear that the same old tired policies aren’t working.  We still have …

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Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s #Trade Agreement – Breitbart

I am a believer in free trade. I agree that trade agreements should be devoid of artificial and unnecessary part that purport to help the environment, protect foreign workers, bring home overseas dollars, increase taxes, and… yes… immigration. I agree that Congress should not delegate … abdicate… any more power to the executive branch.  It …

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Correction: Join the Ride for Freedom, May 30 @ Noon, Washingtons Crossing, PA



New Jersey’s attempt to restrict guns is supported by the Third Circuit, despite rulings of the Supreme Court.  Don’t you just love how they want to protect us only after its too late.  It is time for this to be over ruled.  Perhaps a constitutional amendment that makes gun ownership and carrying more explicitly legal …

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Where have all the movement conservatives gone? |PolitickerNJ

Hat tip to PolitickerNJ. Unfortunately, they seem to have it right.  New Jersey conservatives have been rolled over by the GOP establishment.  With a few exceptions, the conservative movement has been crushed by the Governor and by county chairmen.  They don’t have a chance. It is time for the likes of Doherty, Little, and Garrett …

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