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Obama to skip #Scalia ‘s funeral – the king won’t lower himself to honor a supreme court justice

  Obama is again showing his true colors.  He refuses to admit that in our government a Supreme Court justice has the same status as POTUS.  He won’t lower himself to attend Scalia’s funeral.  He won’t admit that someone who had a contrary view of government can possibly be patriotic or honorable. Obama again shows …

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Syrian Armed Opposition Forces in Aleppo | Institute for the Study of War

Once again Obama sells the Middle East out to Iran and Russia.  This agreement does nothing to quell the genocide of Christians, to kill ISIS, and to slow the  migration of refugees (and terrorists) into Europe. Kerry will no doubt expect a Nobel Prize for this. Anyone who votes for Clinton or Sanders will get …

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MEMRI Monitors All Arabic and Urdu Press…No Mention of Climate Change or #Trump Last Week

Another note to Obama, Hillary, and the left.  MEMRI monitors Arabic sources, both print and TV.  Do you see any references to Trump, Guantanamo, or Climate Change?   The MEMRI Weekly: December 11-18, 2015 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR END OF THE YEAR CAMPAIGN The following are links to reports from MEMRI’s Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and …

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MEMRI: ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ #Iran #Obama

This is written by the founder of MEMRI and should bear VERY serious consideration. It concerns the Iran Nuclear “Agreement”.  The Emperor to whom he is referring is Obama. This guy knows what he is talking about and it is not good. MEMRI: ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’ By: Yigal Carmon* “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” by Duncan …

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New UK Labour Leader #Corbyn is Friend of Islamists- He Is No Doubt BFF with #Obama and #Hilary

Hat tip to the Clarion Project Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of Britain’s The Labour Party, has many problematic associations with Islamists and known terrorists. These connections are made all the more galling in the light of his victory in Labour’s leadership election, putting him in the position of being the only leader of a …

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NATO Caught ‘Surprised’ By #Russia ’s Move Into Syria – Defense One

I am not surprised that NATO was surprised,  After all, Obama scoffed at Romney when he called Russia our biggest threat.  And Obama is the only expert on everything in the government. Now what is he going to do?  He came out this week and said, again, that Assad must go.  He painted the red …

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#ISIS Uses Mustard Gas Against Kurds While Obama Fiddles on Martha’s Vinyard

The Wall Street Journal and other news publications are reporting that ISIS is using mustard gas against the Peshmerga. Apparently it was either seized from Assad (who, of course destroyed it all) or rom a Saddam Hussein stash (which, of course, he didn’t have). In either case, where is the Red Line? Is Obama really …

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Big Brother is Collecting Data on You; We Warned You Of #Agenda 21 2 Years Ago but We Can Still Take Action

Promise Neighborhoods diagram The following article was in the July 18 New York Post and was commented upon this morning on Fox and Friends.  It describes a program that Obama has been working on for a long time. The commentary is my own and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the Somerset County Tea Party …

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#PlannedParenthood, #Iran, HHS v. LittleSisters… 3 #Agenda21 Objectives Accomplished in 1 day

The incarnation of evil by the Obama administration.

#PlannedParenthood, #Iran, HHS v. LittleSisters… A Good Day for Evil, Bad for USA

It all happened on Monday the 13th These are all consistent with Agenda 21 objectives.

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