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#healthcare and Pre-existing conditions. Another Obamacare fatal flaw

What’s the difference if those with pre-existing conditions are in a subsidized pool or are subsidized by other insureds?  The others have more affordable insurance, and so do those who have the pre-existing conditions.  Another reason why ACA needs to be repealed and replaced.

Obamacare Replacement Will Be Expensive Unless We Can Manage Cost of Health Care #ACA #Obamacare

It’s not enough to have a free market solution to the insurance problem.  Many forget that insurance is a way for people to pool their risk and pay costs to the unfortunate few.  It is a redistribution scheme whether voluntary or otherwise.  However insurance will always be expensive until you can find a way to …

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A #Lyme Co-infection That Causes Cancer-Like Cells » Jenna’s Lyme Blog

More bad news for those of you who have been bitten by deer ticks.  Is there no wonder that treatment only for Lyme may not result in reduction of infection?  Is there no wonder why chronic “Lyme’s” is so common? Why doesn’t the medical community recognize this?  Is it no wonder that Lyme’s sufferers frequently …

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Death Panels in Action in the UK…Require Substandard Treatment for Children

The British Death Panels have determined that proton beam therapy is not warranted for this boy with brain cancer.  His parents disagreed and moved him from a UK hospital to a Spanish one.  They are now trying to remove him from this process and move him back to the inadequate British health care system. Since …

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Great News Appeals Ct. Invalidates #Obamacare Subsidies in 34 States

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