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Army unfairly stripped major of awards – the Purge Contiues

Hat tip to Army Times. This is the same kind of thing that forced Allen West from the Army.  In West’s case he admitted to firing his pistol next to the ear of an insurgent bomb maker to get him to tell where the IED was placed.  It worked and no one was injured.  West …

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Afghanistan War Hero Stripped of Silver Star

This article makes no bones that this action is one of cowardly leadership.  This major was stripped of his medal because he allegedly did not follow the rules of engagement in order to kill a bomber.  Had he not done so he would probably be dead.  This action had no relation to the action for …

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Obama’s purge of the U. S. military is unprecedented

Apologies for the poor formatting.  Is it any wonder that our military isn’t what it used to be?  Why our foreign policy is without teeth?  Why we are sitting ducks? George   July 17, 2014Here is the list of our military elite who have been purged or fired under Obama: Commanding Generals fired: · General …

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