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I Am OK with Banning Bump Stocks. Also OK with legalizing silencers. #guncontrol

I Am OK with Banning Bump Stocks.  Also OK with legalizing silencers.  #guncontrol


New Jersey’s attempt to restrict guns is supported by the Third Circuit, despite rulings of the Supreme Court.  Don’t you just love how they want to protect us only after its too late.  It is time for this to be over ruled.  Perhaps a constitutional amendment that makes gun ownership and carrying more explicitly legal …

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Obama wants to ban #5.56 (and other) bullets

Except for the government no one can buy therm.   The ATF, through executive order, would ban the sales of these AR-15 bullets because….he doesn’t want us defending ourselves.   This should be subject to immediate lawsuit by the NRA and others. It is about time we gave them a piece of our collective minds. …

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