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Feb 25

Another #Obama Lie: Pakistan is ‘very cooperative and very engaged in the fight against terrorism,’ Secretary Kerry tells Congress

Hat tip to the Long War Journal Pakistan is ‘very cooperative and very engaged in the fight against terrorism,’ Secretary Kerry tells Congress By Bill Roggio | February 25, 2016 | admin@longwarjournal.org | @billroggio US Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress that Pakistan’s government and military are “very cooperative and very engaged in the …

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Jan 22

#Yemen president resigns under pressure from rebels

This is the latest in a long string of failed states that has occurred under Obama’s watch. Yemen Tunisia Libya Egypt  (in the south) Syria Iraq Ukraine (in the east) Afghanistan (soon) Is Obama totally responsible?  No. Could he have prevented it?  (Perhaps) Could he have prevented Islamist control?  Absolutely. Are we safer?  Are you …

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Jan 22

Sen. #Menedez is Looking Better in Foreign Affairs

I was not a big Menendez fan.  I still think that on the whole Steve Lonegan was a much better choice, particularly on domestic issues. However, Senator Menendez has demonstrated a good grasp of the threats to our country from Iran and from elsewhere in the Middle East.  His comments yesterday about Obama’s speech taking …

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Nov 13

MEMRI: Islamic Scholar Pledges Allegiance to #ISIS Emir Abu Bakr #Al-Baghdadi Live on Al-Jazeera TV

Please click to the video.  The “scholar” paints a frightening picture. Here is the conundrum:  If we allow ISIS to flourish they will slowly fulfill this expansionist vision…or Iran and threatened Arab states will do everything they can to exterminate them.  If they expand and stabilize these efforts will be difficult without our support.  I …

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Aug 08

Struggle Against Radical Islam In #Iraq and the World: In Maps

This article from the BBC clearly shows the extent of our enemy around the world, not just in Iraq.  They are all dedicated to our extinction yet we let them grow and grow. It is not too late to contain them.  Many are in isolated areas where they can’t easily attack us.  There are few …

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Jun 12

10 Dangers in the #Iraq Crisis

If there was ever a reason why we should not engage in nation building, this is it.  The process failed in Vietnam, it failed in Afghanistan twice (USSR and USA), and it failed in Iraq.  I have always contended that these “artificial” states created in the Middle East after WW I were doomed to revert …

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Jun 09

#Bergdahl deal: Meet Mohammad Fazl

This comes by way of Public Secrets , who hid the nail squarely on the head.  Please see my previous post which illustrates some of Fazl’s trophies. This scenario, with this guy back in command, is getting ready to happen again. #Bergdahl deal: Meet Mohammad Fazl June 5, 2014 Among the potential consequences of President Obama’s mind-boggling deal …

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Jun 05

Taliban Now Motivated to Kidnap More…#Bergdahl

Read the entire article, which gives behind the lines account of the negotiation for Bergdahl.  A frightening scenario of how we appeased our sworn enemy. George   Asked whether the Taliban would be inspired by the exchange to kidnap others, he laughed. “Definitely,” he says. “It’s better to kidnap one person like Bergdahl than kidnapping …

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