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Big Brother is Collecting Data on You; We Warned You Of #Agenda 21 2 Years Ago but We Can Still Take Action

Promise Neighborhoods diagram The following article was in the July 18 New York Post and was commented upon this morning on Fox and Friends.  It describes a program that Obama has been working on for a long time. The commentary is my own and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the Somerset County Tea Party …

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Office Depot Partners with ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability USA to Expand Green Business Challenge to More Cities Nationwide

The Sustainable Jersey movement is a direct outgrowth of this.  They get companies like Office Depot to give grants to municipalities that clear certain environmental hurdles.  If you read the Sustainable Jersey you will find articles like this  34 NJ Towns Receive Grants for Community-Based Sustainability Projects . ICLEI is the organization that thinks these things …

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