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Report: Anti-Trump protesters blocked an ambulance containing a ‘critically-ill patient’ « Hot Air

Something the Tea Parties NEVER did. Anti-Trump protesters in New Haven, Connecticut blocked a roadway and reportedly delayed an ambulance with a critically-ill patient from reaching the hospital in a timely manner. The protest took place Saturday at New Haven’s City Hall but eventually the protesters wandered onto the streets and blocked traffic. Video shows …

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Trump was the end of Tea Party, Act 1: we must continue to write the rest of the freedom play

The Tea Party movement started in 2009, although its roots were much earlier than that.  But it was our activism that frightened the political establishment and enabled Constitutional conservatives to take over the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014 and now the Presidency.  In the mean time we have gained control over many state …

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I Will Hold My Nose and Vote Trump

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a firm believer on certain principles that our Constitution protects.  These include the fundamental rights of every person that are given to us by God.  They are not given to us by our government or by any person.  They are enshrined in the Constitution as amended.  …

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Let’s Get HIllary and Trump to take physicals & make results public prior to 3rd debate

I bet Trump agrees to it.  Hillary won’t, proving her unworthiness to be POTUS.  The exams could be done by a neutral third party, perhaps a military medical officer at Walter Reed or Bethesda. This should become a precedent for future elections.  Jill Stein and Gary Johnson should also be subjected to this.

DNC: #Trump is within spitting distance

Not what the TV Democratic shills are saying.  Look what was in my inbox this morning from the DNC:   Friend — I just got a report on our grassroots fundraising goal of 60,000 donations by last Thursday night. It looks like we came up a little short. That means we need to use the …

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“Flashback Friday”: Trump raises ante on #Hillary attacks on “racism” with 2008 campaign reminders – Hot Air Hot Air

“Flashback Friday”: Trump raises ante on Hillary attacks on “racism” with 2008 campaign reminders posted at 10:01 am on August 26, 2016 by Ed Morrissey   A day after Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for “pushing discredited conspiracy theories with racist undertones,” the Republican nominee has struck back — largely with Hillary’s own words. A …

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The Libertarian Party Ticket and a New Conservative Party – #Libertarian

I watched about 45 minutes of the so called town hall on CNN last night.  I have to say that there were some good questions and I liked the way Anderson Cooper moderated it.  However, I was sorely disappointed with the responses of both candidates. Don’t get me wrong…I have pretty strong libertarian leanings.  However …

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Khizr Muazzam #Khan Misquotes U.S. Constitution about Immigration

    This doesn’t change the story of his son (but see our previous posting about that) but it does impeach the credibility of Mr. Kahn, who is supposed to be a lawyer.  In any case, Trump should not touch this issue until the allegations about the Muslim Brotherhood can be confirmed by other sources.  …

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I have a PERSONAL message for the Muslim father #Kahn whose son was killed in Iraq – Allen B. West –

I have a PERSONAL message for the Muslim father whose son was killed in Iraq By Allen West4:34pm July 31, 2016 Everyone’s talking about the speech delivered by Mr. Khizr Khan, accompanied by his wife Ghazala at the DNC that focused on the loss of his son, U.S. Army Captain Humayan Khan. It appears things …

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Anti Fascist Fascists Attack Fascists At least 10 hurt at chaotic, bloody neo-Nazi rally at Capitol | The Sacramento Bee

Skinhead rally was disrupted by “peaceful” counter protestors who excused their violence because the others were neo-Nazis.  Notice who were hiding their faces. This was NOT a Trump rally, although the left is likely to say that it was.  These skinheads are despicable people, much like those who attacked them.  But watch how it is …

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