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Dem. Gun Control Bill the Camel’s Nose Under the Tent part 2

Yes…everyone wants to prevent the next mass shootings.  Not everyone wants to prevent the next terrorist attack. By trying to control gun sales the Democrats will be doing nothing to prevent the next terrorist attack.  Even if all the guns are confiscated (an impossibility) terrorists will merely revert to some other medium of mayhem.  Maybe …

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The Leftist Fascist #Brownshirts of Won the Battle…Will They Win the War?

I’ll tell you right away:  I am a Cruz supporter.  I believe that he is the best bet for the future of our country.  He will return power to the States and to the people.  He will shrink the size of the federal government, will reduce the deficit and the debt and do what is …

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#Trump University: Yes, It Was a Massive Scam

Via National Review On Line.  This is not a good story.  The real question is whether Trump University was an ill conceived idea of a low level employee or if it had his personal involvement.  In any case the optics of Trump having to appear at a trial in July is not good. Yes, Trump …

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Christie Endorses @realdonaldTrump… no conservatives here

The Christie endorsement of Trump should come as no surprise.  Two  people with strong man dispositions are now allied. To my New Jersey friends:  Christie and Trump are birds of a feather.  If you didn’t like Christie you shouldn’t be so enthusiastic about Trump.  If you supported Lonegan you know that Cruz is a much …

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MEMRI Monitors All Arabic and Urdu Press…No Mention of Climate Change or #Trump Last Week

Another note to Obama, Hillary, and the left.  MEMRI monitors Arabic sources, both print and TV.  Do you see any references to Trump, Guantanamo, or Climate Change?   The MEMRI Weekly: December 11-18, 2015 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR END OF THE YEAR CAMPAIGN The following are links to reports from MEMRI’s Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and …

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I think #Jindal is the one who was chosen to fall on his sword and attack #Trump

Trump’s Insults are Getting Very Tiring

Donald Trump has a lot going for him. However, for me there are two things going against him. First is his lack of specifics on many issues.  I understand that he can be a very fast learner.  The same is true for Dr. Carson, Carly, and others.   But he needs to step up his game …

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#Trump crosses one red line too many, declares John #McCain “not a war hero” « Hot Air#comment-9607820

If you’ve been following the news this weekend at all you probably saw this story already. Unfortunately, the whole world will have seen it shortly. But in case it needs repeating, Donald Trump took to the podium in Iowa and finally picked the wrong fight… and one he will likely not recover from. “He’s not …

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By #Trump ‘s definition Kerry was a war hero. He was a traitor. McCain was a hero

I don’t agree with much of McCain’s politics but there is o denying that he was a hero of the first order.  He didn’t get shot down because he was a coward or because he made a mistake.  He could have been released early but refused his captors.  He blinked “torture” when giving a “statement” …

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