Mar 12

The Leftist Fascist #Brownshirts of Won the Battle…Will They Win the War?

I’ll tell you right away:  I am a Cruz supporter.  I believe that he is the best bet for the future of our country.  He will return power to the States and to the people.  He will shrink the size of the federal government, will reduce the deficit and the debt and do what is necessary to keep us safe.  That includes closing the southern border.

Cruz is also the prima advocate of the Constitution.  He understands that it exists to protect our freedom.  I don’t mean the freedom of our country.  I mean the freedom of its citizens.

One of those freedoms is the right to freely speak what is on your mind.  Going with that is the right to hear what the speaker has to say.

Our “friends” on the left don’t seem to believe in the Constitution.  They don’t believe in free speech, except when it comes to themselves.  They believe that it is their right to shut down the speech of those with whom they don’t agree.  No one else’s freedom counts.

Don’t believe me?  The incident at the Chicago Trump rally is evidence enough.  Organized, trained professional protestors showed up.  Many went into the rally with the expectation that they would engage in disruptive behavior that would result in violence (did you see the video clips of some protestors who came equipped with helmets?).  Protestors on the outside did their best to play to the cameras.  Did you notice that when some were interviewed they couldn’t articulate why they were there?  Is there any greater evidence that they were just paid to show up?  Soon someone will actually admit this.  They show up because they were told to…not because they felt strongly about anything.

I have publically worried about the resemblance between Trump and Mussolini.  Both promised to make the trains run on time.  Both advocate the use of government to make things happen the right way.  Trump hasn’t yet had the opportunity to demonstrate that this is not who he is.

I can tell you one thing though.  Trump “brownshirts” have not gone around to Democrat rallies to shut them down.  That seems to be the “right” of the left…to define speech as hateful and then to shut it down.  They are the fascists.  They are the brownshirts.  They are the ones who use violence to intimidate peaceful ralliers. Using Alinsky tactic, they instigate violence in order to protest it and then blame Trump.  It is positively Orwellian.

Of course they are making a miscalculation.  Back in 1968, the Chicago protestors (let my Obama’s pal, Bill Ayers) could get away with it because there was a “silent majority” who sat back and watched…and then voted for Nixon.  There were few consequences for those protestors so they hid in academia and taught a new generation of leftists.

Then something went wrong and his name is Trump.  The miscalculation was that the majority is no longer silent.  The Tea Party has not gone away.  It has not gone silent.  It has become politically astute and is supporting Trump or Cruz.  It is not fascist nor are there any brown shirted goon squads.  The leftists have that all locked up Just like in1968.  The difference is that we will no longer be intimidated.

We will defend ourselves when threatened.  WE will speak our but not incite violence.    We will take our message everywhere…not just to areas which are politically correct. (Did you see the protestor who was interviewed on MSNBC who complained the\at the Trump audience was white middle aged suburbanites?  If he wanted to speak only to them he could have done a rally in the suburbs.  Instead, they did a rally on a college campus in downtown Chicago.  And the protestors accused him of not fostering diversity!

So, tonight we saw a perfect example of how the fascists work. It was an Alinsky prescription followed to perfection. With a severe miscalculation that should ultimate help Trump and/or Cruz. Let’s hope they play their cards right.





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