Trump was the end of Tea Party, Act 1: we must continue to write the rest of the freedom play

The Tea Party movement started in 2009, although its roots were much earlier than that.  But it was our activism that frightened the political establishment and enabled Constitutional conservatives to take over the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014 and now the Presidency.  In the mean time we have gained control over many state houses and legislatures.  But our work is not done.

We have already seen the left starting to emulate what we did.  The marches, the demonstrations, and the pressure on lawmakers are examples.  There are differences, especially the violence and the willingness to act outside the law.  Unfortunately the press does not highlight the differences.  Thus many people just see a Tea Party of the Left.

We know that this presents a danger to our Constitution, our country and our freedom.  We can’t just sit on our laurels and allow the left to be the only side that is heard.  It is time we regrouped and became activists once again.  Activists in favor of individual freedom, limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility.  We must act to counter the “massive” demonstrations of the left.  We need to once again assert our independence.  We must hold the Democrats and the Republicans to account in favor of freedom and justice for all and not for an elite few.

Now is the time to act, before we get to fat.  Now is the time to act before the establishment regains its hand hold.  Now is the time to enable all to be truly free.

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