By #Trump ‘s definition Kerry was a war hero. He was a traitor. McCain was a hero

I don’t agree with much of McCain’s politics but there is o denying that he was a hero of the first order.  He didn’t get shot down because he was a coward or because he made a mistake.  He could have been released early but refused his captors.  He blinked “torture” when giving a “statement” to the press, when he knew that his deed would be punished.  Not a hero?  Give me a break.

On the other hand, Kerry was one of those “heroes” that didn’t get captured.  he found a way to get out of the Navy early, in order to run for office.  He got several slight injuries for which he received political purple hearts.  He gave traitorous testimony before congress and threw away his medals.  His antics caused hundreds, or thousands, of additional American casualties because of the encouragement he gave to the North Vietnamese.

In 1995, I got to interview one of the North Vietnamese generals, who admitted that the antics of Kerry and Fonda provided encouragement for the NVA to continue the fight.  They knew they could outlast us.

It is Trump who needs to go.  He has no sense of patriotism except to his own ego.  McCain, despite his flaws, is a true patriot.

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