The US is utilizing the CIA’s muscle to quietly re-engage militarily in Syria and Libya

If this is true (sometimes DEBKA is pretty inaccurate) its a 180 degree turnaround in Obama’s foreign policy.  I suspect that it is also too little too late and had been done to influence the mid term elections.

Via DEBKA Weekly

The US is utilizing the CIA’s muscle to quietly re-engage militarily in Syria and Libya. This is a seismic turnaround for the Obama administration which, only months ago, was staunchly opposed to the very concept of direct action.
Monday, May 19, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources first revealed that US and United Arab Emirates elements were backing the retired Libyan general Khalifa Haftar’s campaign to rid the regime of disabling Islamist extremists. He first attacked Benghazi Friday, May 16 and went on to storm parliament in Tripoli two days later.
Despite the denials of US involvement, the Obama administration this week powerfully underscored its support for Hafter by a decision to send Ambassador David Satterfield to Libya to help the general “build a political consensus.” As the general’s operation gathered momentum and local allies at breakneck speed, June 25 was cited for the first time as the date of a general election.
Interestingly, Satterfield will continue his duties as Director General of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Egyptian Sinai along with his Libyan mission.
This ties in closely with the major role Egypt too has undertaken in support of the Libyan general’s enterprise. Satterfield is well placed to liaise between Cairo and Tripoli.

Jumping on Haftar’s bandwagon

DEBKA Weekly has identified Haftar’s collaborators on the ground as the CIA and the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), as well as UAE intelligence, under the supervision of Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Zayed al-Nayhan and Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim.
The Americans for the most part lay on intelligence, while the UAE is providing intelligence and money. Most critically, the emirate bankrolls payouts for buying local militia support for the Haftar venture.
This effort quickly turned up trumps: Tuesday, May 20, the Libyan army’s Special Forces commander Wanis Bukhamada announced his force had joined Gen, Khalifa Haftar’s fight against the Islamist grip on government.
This show of support was a major boost to Haftar and a loss for the Libyan government, which denounced him as a renegade and accused of attempting to stage a coup.
As for Cairo’s support, DEBKA Weekly’s intelligence sources report Egypt’s spy agencies, under Maj. Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Fareed al-Tuhami – who visited Washington in April — are already deployed in northwestern Libya. And Egyptian commando units are massed on the Egypt-Libya border, standing by for orders from Cairo to embark on four operations laid out on the common planning board:

Oil interests are prominent – so are Al Qaeda’s threats

1. When ordered to do so, those units will cross the border into Libya’s eastern coastal region of Cyrenaica, for the task of holding back dozens of Al Qaeda-affiliated radical Islamist militias based there, including Ansar al-Sharia, from attacki

via DEBKA.

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