I Will Hold My Nose and Vote Trump

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a firm believer on certain principles that our Constitution protects.  These include the fundamental rights of every person that are given to us by God.  They are not given to us by our government or by any person.  They are enshrined in the Constitution as amended.  The founding fathers had the right idea but we improved on them over time.  However, throughout our history our Constitution has served to protect our individual liberties and our freedom as a nation.

You also know that a large centralized government is antithetical to the rights of people.  As government gets bigger it applies more and more laws and regulations that restrict what we can do, say, buy, and think.  We have ever less individual freedom.  Even the states strive to control us but at least they are closer to the people and thus can be better controlled by the people.

As we get bigger we spend more, tax more and abdicate more and more control to the unelected bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.  Meanwhile, the viability of the US as a nation is put in danger as we reduce the effectiveness of our national defense, our police, and our borders.

The Tea Parties were right.  They had exactly the right ideas about bringing our country back to the limited central government, fiscal responsibility, national defense, and protection of individual rights.  However, we got co-opted by the amoeba called the Republican Party.  Many of saw Cruz as the savior of our values but the  establishment crushed him.  Trump seemed to be closest to what we believed and hopefully he will not disappoint.

But he is also offering some big government solutions to our problems.  He wants to spend tons of money on infrastructure without saying how it will be paid for.  This should be up to the states and private industry.  The feds can help by coordinating projects but it should be up to the states to raise the money and do the work.  Too many of Trumps statements involve having the Federal government leading the way,  Rather, it should get out of the way.

The Tea Parties need to rise again.  They need to assert themselves as a new political party, not just an amorphous and ineffective force.  They need to consolidate their own power in selected states where they can elect their own congress people and legislatures.  They need to divorce themselves from the Republican Party, which is nothing more than Democrat light.  This needs to happen regardless of who wins the Presidency.  Now is the time to begin.

I had hoped that I could vote the Libertarian line but their candidate is a real buffoon and their stance on national defense is a farce.  We need something new.

So I will vote for Trump and hope that he can get elected.  Then I will concentrate my efforts to support a national Tea Party movement that is more like a political party and less like a club.


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