Yet they would limit your right to defend yourself: New Jersey Mayors Use Their Own Executive Orders to Fight Back Against Trump

Many of New Jersey’s cities and towns are protecting felons who need to be turned over to the Feds,  Not only are  they making their own towns less safe, they are increasing the danger to all the rest of us who do not agree with their sanctuary policies.  It is time that they started complying with the law, just as the rest of us must.

There are two things that can be done:  1) the Feds can give lawful requests and orders to local officials to hand over certain illegal aliens and can prosecute those that don’t comply, and 2) they can with hold law enforcement funds.  I would be in favor of with holding funds if we had the right to defend ourselves but, alas, we don’t. So let’s proceed with option #1.  Let those who break the law, including city, county, and state officials, suffer the consequences.


New Jersey Mayors Use Their Own Executive Orders to Fight Back Against Trump
Elected officials in Jersey City and Prospect Park both took action on Friday
By Alyana Alfaro • 02/03/17 2:39pm

Fulop signed an executive order re-affirming Jersey City as a sanctuary city. Alyana Alfaro for Observer
JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop sat front-and-center in his municipality’s city council chamber as he signed an executive order re-affirming the city’s sanctuary city status on Friday. Fulop’s move comes one week after an executive order signed by President Donald Trump declared that cities that do not prosecute illegal immigrants under federal immigration law must begin to do so or risk losing federal funds.
Fulop and city council members outlined a detailed policy for the Jersey City Police Department and other city departments and agencies who work with the immigrant community. While the executive order does not change how the city works with members of these communities, according to Fulop it “re-affirms” a commitment to preventing Jersey City resources from being used for Trump’s executive order.
“We are proud to be a city of immigrants. We won’t be bullied or pushed,” Fulop said. According to Fulop, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka has reached out about taking similar action in Newark, another sanctuary city.
While Jersey City took action in the hopes of setting up a model for other New Jersey municipalities, Fulop is not the only N.J. mayor who took action on Friday. In the small Passaic County town of Prospect Park, Mayor Mohamed Khairullah also issued an executive order on Friday “upholding the municipality’s policy of anti-discrimination and continued commitment to provide equal municipal services to all residents.” Khairullah’s Friday executive order is the first in Prospect Park’s history.Khairullah is a Syrian-born Muslim-American. Because of that, the mayor said he is dedicated to pushing back against any federal executive orders that negatively impact residents or demonize refugees.“As an immigrant from a country ruled by a dictator, it is important to me that our Commander in Chief upholds the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. The United States is a land of immigrants and refugees, including our founding fathers. It’s those immigrants and refugees who historically built our country to the respected nation it is today,” Khairullah said in a statement leading up

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